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Wyatt and His Monkey
hummingbird and lily
ariel cropped
colorful fishing trawler
Paper Paintings

Paper Paintings



Alcohol Inks

Alcohol Inks
Acrylic Pours


      Penny Thompson was the President of the Landing’s Art Association for 5 years and has taught numerous watercolor workshops. Prior to living here 10 years ago, she taught watercolors on Long Island for 15 years. Her works are in private collections throughout the country!

    When she moved to the Low Country, she was enchanted with the coastal scenes, the birds and wildlife and of course, the city of Savannah and couldn’t wait to get it all on canvas.  Her paintings portray the many aspects of this area, capturing the innate beauty and resonating with vibrant color and excitement. After a few years, she started to branch out into other fields of art including acrylic paintings and paper collages. Two of which recently won a first place in the Judged Spring Shows!

   When doing her paper painting collages, she tries to use small images that she clips from magazines to add interest to the subject. People love studying the collages and finding all the different images she uses to create these piece of art.

    This self-taught artist finds subjects to paint in all the things around her – the birds, dogs, cats, flowers, boats, coastal scenes and people. With a little creativity and color, one can change the world as we see it!

    When she is not painting, Penny is traveling, golfing, boating, gardening, biking, playing pickle ball or enjoying the company of her husband and friends.

    Contact her at (912) 344-4149 or



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